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Elite Scouts

Elite Scouts

We are growing an elite scouting family. Trusted teachers and coaches who help us provide opportunities to the most gifted athletes.

To spot rising talent, it’s vital that our scouts keep talking to teachers and coaches from leading schools, colleges and sports clubs in their area. Their judgement and insight are key to providing opportunities to top-level sportsmen and women who truly deserve them.

Elite scouting partnerships are a fantastic chance to be part of the world’s leading provider of sports scholarships in the US. And as our scouts give talented kids a great start in life, they also have the chance to increase their earnings. With £350
for every partnership and athlete sign-up, plus a little more if our mutually-agreed targets are met. It’s our way of saying thank you.

Use your eye for talent to help us find the brightest young athletes, talk to Dean Kelbrick about joining our elite scout team on 0161 731 0157

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