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ESports Scholarships

If you’re between 15 and 22, a US scholarship through FirstPoint USA offers incredible opportunities in one of the newest, most exciting college sports in America.

  • The world’s leading sports scholarship agency
  • The only NCAA and AIRC accredited agency
  • 2,500 university partnerships
  • 8,000 placements to date

We offer access to pioneering coaching in competitive gaming. As the digital world grows, it’s becoming an important sporting arena – with the very best players going head-to-head in intercollegiate tournaments.

Students who display elite skills on Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch and their other favourite games, can receive academy level training while studying for an internationally-recognised degree.


A global leader, a professional service.

As the world leader in securing US sport scholarships, FirstPoint USA has helped thousands of male and female students pursue their talent for sport and academia. Taking away a time-consuming and complex process.

Our talent management team provide a personal service.

We’ll work with you and your family to find the right balance - academically, athletically and culturally. Then we’ll promote you to the right coaches, and our E-sports experts will be on-hand throughout the whole scholarship process to help you and your family make the most of this life-changing opportunity.

Gary McDonald

Head of Clearing & Promotions
Brendan McGroarty
University of Glasgow


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